Every second Tuesday evening of each month Calgarians  meet at Civic TechYYC to collaborate on projects aimed at civic good

Here are the projects that you can contribute to.

Block Chain Experiments|A CivicTechYYC Project

Lead: Chad Oberg

Blockchain technology is emerging, unique, and not broadly understood. The CivicTechYYC blockchain experiments are a process of learning and discovery, to explore the unique characteristics of Blockchain technology and how it might help to better meet the needs of Volunteers and Volunteer Organizations in Calgary.


The CivicTechYYC blockchain experiments team is comprised of developers and non-developers alike. We’ve created a form for you to introduce yourself, the things you’d like to work on and the skills you bring to the table. Everyone is invited!


VOLLY |A CivicTechYYC Project

Lead: Alice Lam

Increase the number of volunteers in Calgary

Present volunteering in an interface people are now more accustomed to (swiping app)
Provide a solution for lesser-known non-profits to be visible and streamline volunteer application process. Allow non-profits to add their postings and see causes that your “friends” have liked on social media.Link up with people who care about the same cause as you.



Lead: Richard Ouellette

To have a community powered app for the documentation and celebration of publicly accessible art in YYC. The intent is to create a mobile repository of all things artistic in the City of Calgary who’s base information would be crowd sourced and vetted by Art Map YYC members. Once the bulk of art & information is collected, we will the embark on Phase 2 of the project which could include; specific art walk maps (Only Sculptures, Only one artist, Only 20th Century, etc.), games (time trials to photograph or be photographed in front of specific pieces), worldwide exploration (be photographed in front of other art from Calgary artists).