Every second Tuesday evening of each month Calgarians  meet at Civic TechYYC to collaborate on projects aimed at civic good

Here are the projects that you can contribute to

Calgary OmniMap (working title)

Lead: Ryan Hattie

Building a cohesive, user-friendly app for all forms of navigation. Currently generalized / global map apps like Google Maps fail to include features specific to Calgary and Alberta.

The goal is to combined the maps of multiple City of Calgary apps into a single cohesive app. 

Team is currently looking for

  • Branding knowledge to come up with a name or icon name
  • Progressive Webapps knowledge to implement offline functionality



Block Chain Experiments|A CivicTechYYC Project

Lead: Chad Oberg

Blockchain technology is emerging, unique, and not broadly understood. The CivicTechYYC blockchain experiments are a process of learning and discovery, to explore the unique characteristics of Blockchain technology and how it might help to better meet the needs of Volunteers and Volunteer Organizations in Calgary.


The CivicTechYYC blockchain experiments team is comprised of developers and non-developers alike. We’ve created a form for you to introduce yourself, the things you’d like to work on and the skills you bring to the table. Everyone is invited!


VOLLY |A CivicTechYYC Project

Lead: Alice Lam

Increase the number of volunteers in Calgary

Present volunteering in an interface people are now more accustomed to (swiping app)
Provide a solution for lesser-known non-profits to be visible and streamline volunteer application process. Allow non-profits to add their postings and see causes that your “friends” have liked on social media.Link up with people who care about the same cause as you.



Lead: Richard Ouellette

This project will develop a digital platform that achieves two goals:

  1.  Provide layers of enriched experiences with temporary and permanent public art
  2. Increase the engagement of new audiences with public artworks by offering more ways to engage.

This initiative is a collaboration of several large-scale organizations dedicated to accessible contemporary art including
Nuit Blanche (Toronto), Supercrawl (Hamilton), Beakerhead (Calgary), and Art YYC (Calgary). Using a design thinking approach, we will develop a custom digital platform that helps citizens interact with artworks, stories, related experiences, and user-generated content.