Every second Tuesday evening of each month Calgarians meet at Civic TechYYC to collaborate on projects aimed at civic good.

Partnership Projects:

IncluCity with Calgary UX

Usability testing is the process by which you engage the users of your product or service in order to ensure that the technology is working for them. Usability testing isn’t a new idea, but with IncluCity Calgary, we’re doing something different: usability testing with a model of inclusion. To really understand the impact of our work, we need to unpack exactly how that word — “inclusive” — changes what it means to do usability testing. By changing the ‘when, where, how and with whom’ of usability testing, we’re turning the process on its head, and providing opportunities for diverse and often under-represented residents to weigh in on the products, processes and services that impact them. When we add inclusion to usability testing we reconsider the design process with the notion that if it doesn’t work for someone, it doesn’t work for everyone. As Calgary’s first and only inclusive usability testing initiative we are united in the mission to plan, design and run testing sessions with an inclusive and representative group of Calgarians to improve the usability of products, processes and services for teams in public, private and non-profit sectors.

Volunteer Projects:

BudLib: Library Management System

BudLib Project:

Contact: Mike Lee

Mike and his team have developed his library management system which is built and designed from the ground up, primarily for smaller and independent schools and can be web-based or in desktop format for major operating systems using predefined electron deployment scripts. This solution is in the process of being deployed for a school in Calgary. We are looking for like-minded volunteers who would like to join us in making this a success that can offer help in the following areas:

Outreach: Help us in connecting to more schools in understanding their needs as well as finding more schools wanting to adopt this system.

Software Development: We are looking for people that can help develop a barcode scanning module and localization support as well as anyone that can see and develop any kind of improvements for the system.

Civic Election Survey

With the 2021 municipal election, CivicTechYYC is started up a new project lead by Ross Plattel.

To start with there is the Municipal Election Survey:

Link to Survey:

We are running the survey to get information from voters about what matters to them and to pose their top questions to candidates. The dataset will be made openly available for future Datathons and to the candidates.

If you like the idea we are also looking for volunteers to help develop a web app that voters can interact with to find who in their riding or for mayor closely aligns with them for the next election. If you are interested contact me!

twitter/instagram @rossplattel


Lead: Alice Lam –

Increase the number of volunteers in Calgary

Present volunteering in an interface people are now more accustomed to (swiping app)

Provide a solution for lesser-known non-profits to be visible and streamline the volunteer application process. Allow not-for-profits to add their postings and see causes that your “friends” have liked on social media. Link up with people who care about the same cause as you.

Block Chain Experiments

An abstract digital structure showing the concept of blockchain technology with hexadecimal hash data inside each block. This image represents a conceptual design in the domain of IT, cyberspace, cyber security, cryptocurrency or similar industry sectors. The image is a made up 3D concept render.

Lead: Chad Oberg –

Blockchain technology is emerging, unique, and not broadly understood. The CivicTechYYC blockchain experiments are a process of learning and discovery, to explore the unique characteristics of Blockchain technology. We learn by doing and conceptualise how it might help to better meet the needs of Volunteers and Volunteer Organizations in Calgary.


The CivicTechYYC blockchain experiments team is comprised of developers and non-developers alike. We’ve created a form for you to introduce yourself, the things you’d like to work on and the skills you bring to the table. Everyone is invited!