Civic Election Survey Update

We are getting some good questions from our Civic Election Survey!

Top ones at the moment are:
How well do you work with others?
What is your vision for Calgary in 10 years?
What are the #concreteactions of your platform?
How will you support #climatepositive action in Calgary?
How are you planning to help the unemployed population of our city?
How will you increase #affordablehousing units in Calgary?
What will you do to identify and strip our waste in municipal government?
How do intend to correct the disparity between business and residential #propertytax?
How will you address the environmental and tax implications of #urbansprawl?
What are your plans to make communities more #walkable?

To add your feedback and question check here:

For Candidates feel free to reach out if you want access to this evolving #opendata set and formally answer these questions!

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