Diversity and Inclusion in the Calgary Tech Ecosystem Nov 9 at 7pm

Recording : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAvVv0-IAJxcA8IylD0XImlG3EN7DEvuO

Come and meet Immigrant Techies Alberta and the new inclusive user testing group Inclucity Calgary as we discuss and diversity and inclusion in the local technology ecosystem. Learn about all of the groups and about opportunities to take part in new up-and-coming projects.

Immigrant Techies:

We’re a tech enthusiast group for highly skilled immigrants who are already in or are interested in pivoting to tech careers and startups. We host online and in-person events on a range of tech topics. If you are a newcomer residing in Alberta and tech excites you, you’d love it here.



Usability testing is the process by which you engage the users of your product or service in order to ensure that the technology is working for them. We’re doing something different: usability testing with a model of inclusion. As Calgary’s first and only inclusive usability testing initiative we are united in the mission to plan, design, and run testing sessions with an inclusive and representative group of Calgarians to improve the usability of products, processes, and services for teams in public, private and non-profit sectors.



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