Minecraft Cityscape: Designing Calgary with Jason Cameron

How does digital immersion and youth engagement foster increased civic engagement, build a sense of community ownership and make Calgary a city of choice for homegrown and international talent? Find out this May 9 at 7pm on Zoom. We are hosting Jason Cameron with a discussion session focused on Level Up Calgary Season Two, Showcasing how Calgary’s youth solve real-world problems through Minecraft.


Project Background:

The Level Up Calgary Minecraft design challenge is a K-12 program launched by the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) in partnership with Microsoft Canada and the City of Calgary. This world leading project has spun off similar design challenges in Los Angeles, Buenos Aries, London and even Winnipeg and Toronto. The challenge aims to inspire Calgary’s youth to solve real-world problems through Minecraft that are then presented to city planners and community champions informing future design. Building on strong educational outcomes, Level Up gamifies city policy and community strategy. With over 20,000 hours of online build design and countless hours of in class research, students have resigned our city to improve accessibility for the Green Line, re-imagined Sien Lok Park, expanded Fort Calgary and added vibrancy to the library’s LitCon festival. Level Up Calgary has inspired students to move beyond screens and help solve complex problems in their communities.

Background Video

Speaker BIO:

As the Economic Resilience Program Lead, Jason advances economic opportunities built on the success of all Calgarians. Working within the Collaboration, Analytics and Innovation Team, Jason’s work is often on the leading edge of what’s next, including fostering a resilient and vibrant community.  Whether it’s exploring issues of digital equityCalgary’s innovation district, the Level Up student design challenge or advancing actions on Truth and Reconciliation, Jason is at his best connecting big city building ideas with champions from the community, fellow innovators and his colleagues within The City of Calgary.  

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